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Description of Programs and Services of JIL

Radio Programs:  Radio programming is one of the main ministries of LHM Thailand for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the Thai people.  The radio is the form of media that can reach the most people, allowing all people to hear God’s Word and to come to know Him.  Different radio programs, which are interesting, meaningful and high-impact, are broadcast 25 minutes every day on 2 commercial radio stations and 15 free community radio stations around the country including in the northeast, central, and southern regions.  The programs have been effective in touching people’s hearts with the Gospel and the love of God. 

Radio Program Titles:

  • “Because You Are Loved” is broadcast for youth and people in central and northeast Thailand.  The program expresses God’s love, gives the Bible verses along with Christian and secular songs, and shares life encouragement.  The respondents are giving good feedback and cooperating well with the program.
  • “Home For Love” is broadcast to the families in central Thailand.  The program gives a variety of information about how to be a successful family, along with Christian songs and encouraging Bible verses.  It’s receiving good responses as well.
  • “The Cheerful Life” serves people of all ages in southern Thailand.  It gives encouraging information and Bible verses, along with Christian and secular songs.   A telephone number is given that people can use to talk with the speaker.  Church referrals are also made from this radio program ministry.  So far we have connected many new believers to local churches through this program, through our Listener Gatherings, and through the Bible Correspondence Courses.

Listener Gatherings:  Our ministry cooperates with local churches to sponsor gatherings for regular listeners of our radio programs to introduce them to members of the Christian community and to share God’s Word with them.  Each gathering has 50-500 listeners who attend in different response areas.  These gatherings help listeners get to know members of local churches and follow up on their interest in Bible studies.  These gatherings have helped many come to faith and new life for the glory of God. 

Internet Website:  In the age of borderless media, with only the touch of a fingertip we can share the Good News of Jesus Christ with Thai people in every corner of the globe through our Thai language website.  Website visitors can access our radio dramas, Christian music and our encouraging daily devotions, which are designed for Thai people of all ages.  They can also learn how to order free booklets and materials from our bookstore.  Since we started advertising and publicizing our website, many Thai people have been getting to know and visit our website often.  They leave us messages and give us their addresses for us to contact them and support their needs as well.

Special Evangelistic Events:  We also join other Christian organizations in creating different kinds of evangelistic events, such as Family Fun-Fairs and other occasional events to reach those ripe for harvest with the help of the Holy Spirit.

School Outreach:  Several times each year we do outreach programs in government schools.  We especially schedule these outreach programs at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.  The themes include the true meaning of Christmas, true love, and the first Easter.  We schedule a half day of games, singing, a VCD presentation, puppet shows and other fun activities with the students.

Text Messaging:  To encourage more people to join this program, we are advertising it to the public and congregations.  We believe that we can use this new tool as a connection for the audience response.  Since most people in Thailand now have their own cell phones and text messaging is very inexpensive, this has become one of the primary means of communication, especially among Thai youth.  LHM Thailand is now sending encouraging Gospel messages directly to more than 4,000 individuals each week.

Equipping the Saints:  This program is designed to provide opportunities for our JIL staff to get to know and build good relationships with people in the local churches.  We introduce local churches to new follow-up methods for incorporating new believers into the church.  We encourage and recruit active lay people in the churches to serve as our volunteers in building strong understanding and partnership between their churches and LHM in serving our great God.  We have received good feedback and cooperation from the participants each time we have held the project.  We continue to contact and communicate well with congregations.

Ministry Materials: To assist us in our seven ministry areas, we also produce some ministry materials.  Our quality printed booklets, tracts and coloring books are helpful tools for sharing the Gospel and for getting Thai Christians to read and gain more knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.  These printed materials provide encouragement and share Christian testimonies to strengthen faith and help those interested in learning about God to know Him better.

Bible Correspondence Courses for Adults:  We offer a Bible Correspondence Course for those who are interested in studying and gaining a foundational understanding of the grace and great love of Christ. There are 2 courses, the first course has 3 lessons and the second course has 5 lessons. These courses provide fundamental, meaningful Christian knowledge for the Thai people who do not know Christ.  A certificate is given after each course.  There are over 200 new students enrolled each month and LHM Thailand helps bring the seekers, who would like to learn more about God, and new Christians together with local churches so that they can receive the love and support of fellow Christians and be strengthened in their new faith.

The Bible Study for Children:  We also offer the Bible Study for children aged around 6-12 years.  There are 4 courses with 3-8 lessons for each course available in one item.  We hope that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is brought to the little ones as well.

Printed Materials:  We also publish booklets, tracts and coloring books to be used in sharing the Gospel and to encourage Thai Christians to read and gain knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.  These printed materials provide encouragement and share Christian testimonies to strengthen faith and help those interested in learning about God to know Him more.

Animated Evangelistic VCDs:  The goal is to share the Gospel with Thai families on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.  With our quality films, designed to both inform and entertain and with the courtesy of some local TV stations, we have been able to reach over a million Thai families annually with the Gospel of Christ.

Music CDs: These are helpful particularly for uneducated, disabled and other unfortunate people.  Music tools are used for evangelistic efforts to produce high quality and good impact Christian songs for young adults, non-Christian and Christian friends.

Relief Ministry:  We cooperate with both Thai and International Christian organizations to show the love of Christ by providing goods for the victims of natural disasters and other who are in need.

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