From Seeking to Serving

Mr. Suebpong Intraweepun, set up a community Christian radio station called “Truelove Radio 87.5 MHz."

Mr. Suebpong Intraweepun is from Phrae Province and is married with 2 children.  He used to drink a lot which caused problems for his wife.  One day he received a Christian tract and became interested in it.  He wanted a new way of life and began searching for God and attended a church nearby to study about God.  On August 25, 2007 Journey Into Light team organized an ETS seminar at Third Thai Church – Thaicharoenthum, Phrae Province and Pastor Prasong Wongsing invited Mr. Suebpong to join the seminar.  The seminar helped him to have a burden to share the Gospel.  After 1 year he set up a community Christian radio station called “Truelove Radio 87.5 MHz.” He says, “After the seminar God helped me get started by giving me a desire to proclaim the Gospel with Journey Into Light.  It has been 1 year now since the time I had the vision.”  In the beginning he felt discouraged, because he had to work alone.  Now he realizes that it is God’s will to make him bear fruit.  He has now set up a room to proclaim the Gospel where he also hopes to start a church.  He thanks God for using him and thanks Journey Into Light for helping him get started and to have a burden to serve, so that the Gospel will reach the listeners of the radio program.

Currently Mr. Suebpong attends worship at Romklao Church 5 Muang District, Phrae Province.  He is determined to keep on serving God.  Please pray for Mr. Suebpong as he continues to serve God.

Mr. Suebpong attended the ETS Seminar on August 25, 2007

The seminar helped him to have a burden to share the Gospel.

Partners in Sharing the Gospel

On February 6, 2010 Mr. Siam Chommee, LHM Thailand staff who serves as the coordinator for Outreach Training, was invited to coordinate a wedding ceremony with Pastor Gongpop Poojan at the Floating Market in Rachaburi  Province.  The Christian ceremony could draw lots of attention from the groom’s relatives and guests, who are non-believers.  In daily Christian life, we can often find some way to share Christ’s love with the people around us.

After the wedding Mr. Siam had a chance to meet with Pastor Gongpop.  He is the pastor of Jai Samarn Smutsongkarm Church and joined the ETS workshop in 2008.  Since then he and some church members became active commissioned volunteers for LHM Thailand.  He invited our team again to conduct the ETS workshop for the new believers in October 2009. 

Pastor Gongpop asked about ways to serve together with LHMT in the future, because his church has a plan to move their church to a new area in April.  Mr. Siam was told that they have built good relationships with schools and people in the community.  They also told Mr. Siam that the people are very open to Christianity there.  This will be a good opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ in the area. 

Mr. Siam shared that “These church members and pastor are very happy to do God’s work together with LHMT.  They really want to share the Gospel with the people, give them hope and help them to know more about Christ.”  LHMT will discuss more about some possible evangelistic activities that we can do with Pastor Gongpop and his ministry team.  We hope and pray that we can join hands together in bringing Christ to the Thai people.

We thank God for Pastor Gongpop Poojan and his church for their commitment to proclaim Christ’s love to the unchurched in their area.  We pray for them and look forward to assisting them with that outreach.

Finding Ways to Serve

Working every night as a musician and singer makes it difficult for Chosita and her husband, Ekkapat Pong-urai, to participate in normal church activities.  It’s not easy for them to join in worship or serve God through their church.  But Chosita and Ekkapat really desire to use their talents to serve God’s mission in whatever ways they can. 

Recently they found a way to serve God through LHM Thailand.  They used their musical talents to sing special songs at the annual LHM Thailand Thanksgiving worship and banquet in November.  They were very happy to accept our invitation even though they had to cancel their work that night. 

Chosita said, ”We were thankful that we can be part of serving with you this time.  Please let us know if you think we can be helpful for your ministry in the future.” 

Proving the truth of her words, Chosita and Ekkapat became LHM Thailand donors, joined with us in singing on our music album, and they continue to serve with us in different ministry events whenever they can.

We thank God for this faithful couple who are so eager to serve God.  We also thank God for showing them different ways in which they are able to participate in God’s mission.

Testimony on Thanksgiving Worship and Banquet

Rev. Saeng Sirithienwanichkul, Pastor of Pakred Church, Nonthaburi Province

November 7, 2009

“Praise the Lord for this evening that I was invited by Journey Into Light.  Our church has received many blessings from JIL. 

We are working together with JIL in proclaiming the Gospel.  We have had the opportunity to share the Gospel on the radio programs and our church has been able to contact those who are interested.  We also have been informed about the news of other churches through JIL.  As a result JIL is a great benefit for churches in Thailand and our church has had the opportunity to work with JIL.  

Actually we have known JIL for many years and received the news about this Thanksgiving evening last month.  We are very happy to join in this thanksgiving celebration.  

Many of our church members receive news and encouraging text messages from JIL. They say that while they were feeling anxious or having problems, the text arrived just at the right time and it is God acting, He really knows what they need.  For the past two days my wife has been feeling unhappy and then the text message appeared with the Word of God.  It’s really wonderful that God really knows her heart and we receive so many good things from Him.  

Our church has prison ministry in three prisons: at Khlong Pai, Nakornrajsima Province and Nakornsrithammaraj Provinces.  The prisoners requested Bible lessons, but we do not have any materials available, so we asked JIL to help with this matter.  We were able to talk to JIL staff, who immediately contacted the prisoners.  We praise God that we have the opportunity to work together.  

My wife and I continue to pray for JIL and this is true, every morning at 5 a.m. we wake up to pray.  I am very happy that JIL has organized this Thanksgiving evening and would like to join in the work of JIL.  We hope that we can participate in this ministry together and that it will benefit the churches in the future. We thank the Lord and may God bless you all.”