Meet Our Staff – Ms. Monta Ekwanit Denow


Boom Ekwanit Denow

Ms. Monta Ekwanit Denow, whose nickname is Boom, has been the country director for Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand since 2002.  Prior to that she worked with missionaries from The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) who were doing outreach through English classes at the Concordia Gospel Ministry Center in Bangkok.

The fifth of eight siblings, Boom was born into a Buddhist family in Trang Province in southern Thailand.  As she grew up she didn’t feel satisfied following her family’s Buddhist beliefs and was afraid of the Buddha images and idols.

After graduating from high school and completing a two-year Product Design program at a technical institute in Bangkok, Boom traveled to southern Thailand during the summer break to visit a school owned by her brother-in-law’s family.

Because of a big flood in southern Thailand she missed an opportunity to take an entrance exam at one of the top technical universities in Bangkok.  As a result Boom was not able to enter the study program that was her big dream.  Instead, she got a full-time job and attended evening classes at a local university in Bangkok.  She was very disappointed and felt like a failure.

When her older sister became a Christian and got married, Boom was impressed by the love and positive example demonstrated by her Christian brother-in-law.  As he and her older sister taught her about Christianity and explained who Jesus is and what He has done for her, Boom became interested in knowing more details about the Gospel.

Boom&Dennis Denow2

Boom & Dennis Denow

Because her older sister and brother-in-law were moving to the United States, they encouraged her to attend a Thai Lutheran church that was located nearby.  Although Boom never liked going into Buddhist temples with her family, she discovered that she felt peace and joy when she attended the church.  She enjoyed the singing and getting to know Thai Christians.  As she learned more about the hope that Jesus gives,  Boom realized that this is what she had been looking for.  After several months Boom was baptized in the church.

In 2006 Boom married an LCMS missionary whom she met some years earlier when he was working as a missionary in Bangkok.

In her free time Boom loves to grow many different kinds of flowers, to go shopping and to collect handmade handicraft items.

Boom enjoys working with her Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand team and being able to share the Gospel with Thai people throughout the country.  She is thankful that she can tell others who are struggling about the hope that she has found in Jesus.  All three of Boom’s sisters and their families are Christians.  Her special desire is for her four brothers and their families to also come to faith in Jesus.


Meet Our Staff – Suwichanon Mahahing

Waan2The newest member of the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff, Suwichanon Mahahing, whose nickname is Waan, has been working as a studio technician with LHMT since July 2013.

Waan is single and has 2 older sisters and 3 older brothers.  Born into a Buddhist family, Waan became a Christian in 2009.  He is the second Christian in his family.

When he was a small boy Waan spent a lot of time with the monks at a temple near his home.  Waan became interested in becoming a monk, but his family was unable to pay the expenses for the initiation ceremony.  Through scholarships arranged by Ms. Christie Nelson, who was an LCMS missionary in Thailand at that time, Waan was able to enter junior high school and complete his studies through twelfth grade.


Waan’s mother and father (deceased)

During his senior year in high school Waan’s father became very sick and close to death.  Waan was worried that he could not go from school to the hospital before his father died, so he prayed to God.  He said if God is real, then please let his father live a little longer.  Waan’s father lived for another five days.  Since then Waan began to search for God.

Waan moved to Bangkok to study law at Ramkamhang University.  During his second year of studies he started receiving scholarships from Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation Thailand (CWEFT).  He began attending a Lutheran church and was baptized two years later.


Christie Nelson (left) and Waan’s sister and mother

After receiving a bachelor degree in law Waan worked for CWEFT for two years before joining LHMT.  In addition to his work with LHMT, he is taking theological classes through the Luther Institute Southeast Asia.

Waan’s special interests include traveling, photography, computers, playing guitar, soccer and volleyball.



Meet Our Staff – Ms. Kanda Teabruttana


Ms. Kanda Teabruttana

The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff highlighted in this post is Ms. Kanda Teabruttana. Kanda, whose nickname is Jeab, is single and has been working with LHMT taking care of the LHMT Christian bookstore since May 2013.

Born into a Buddhist family, Jeab first heard about God when she was 10 years old. When she was 15 years old some friends threatened to ask an evil spirit to go into Jeab, if Jeab didn’t play aouija board with them.  Jeab felt afraid and decided to pray to God that night.  She thought that if God is real, He could help her.  In the morning she didn’t feel afraid, so she thought that God must be real.

Sometime later at a church camp Jeab was riding in a small boat with 7 friends that capsized. She felt like she was going to drown.  When she called to God for help, she came up to the surface.  Since that time she has believed in God.

Jeab earned a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts degree with an emphasis in dance from the Faculty of Education at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University. Before joining LHMT she worked as a teacher of Thai music and dance for 12 years at Mahachai Christian Wittaya School.

In her free time Jeab enjoys doing Thai dance and Thai music and helps with Bible studies at her church.

Jeab’s father, older brother and younger sister also are Christians. Her mother is interested in learning about Christianity, but continues to follow Buddhist beliefs.

Meet Our Staff – Mr. Boocha Khamkaew


Boocha Khamkaew

The next person from our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff that we want you to meet is Mr. Boocha Khamkaew, who works in our Audience Relations department.  Going by the nickname Lek, he has worked with LHMT since 2003.  Lek is responsible for communicating with listeners who contact our office.  When listeners study the Bible Correspondence Course produced by LHMT, Lek grades their lessons and sends them the new lessons.  Lek is always willing to do other tasks that need to be done, no matter how small.

The only child in his family, Lek grew up in a Christian home in southern Thailand.  Lek is the only LHMT staff member who was raised as a Christian.  Lek graduated from Bangkok Institute of Theology and is a worship leader at his local congregation.  Currently Lek is studying in the Luther Institute Southeast Asia theological program.  Lek is single and he enjoys playing guitar and watching action movies.

Meet Our Staff – Mr. Norasate Srisawake

Norasate Srisawake

Norasate Srisawake

This is the latest of our blogs introducing our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) team members.  We hope that you enjoy getting to know our staff, whose pictures you sometimes see and whose names you often read in our blogs.  Please remember them in your prayers.

Mr. Norasate Srisawake, whose nickname is Tak, has been working with LHM Thailand since March 2003.  He is currently the program manager and one of our studio technicians.

Talent, Beau and Tak

Talent, Beau and Tak

Prior to joining the LHM Thailand staff, Tak was a physical education teacher for 8 years and was a faithful LHMT volunteer.  Tak has 1 older brother and 1 older sister.  He is married to Narinrat (nickname Beau) and has a 5-year old son, Talent.

When Tak was 8-years old he was riding in a car with his family on the way to a temple where Tak’s grandfather was a Buddist monk and his grandmother was a Buddhist nun.  Their car was involved in a serious accident and Tak’s mother, sister and brother were thrown from the car.   His sister was nearly killed and his mother was seriously hurt.  Tak, his brother and his father were able to leave the hospital the same day.  Tak’s mother could not understand how something so bad could happen to her family when they were going to the temple to give offerings to make merit for a good life.

WhileTak’s mother was recovering at home after leaving the hospital, she watched a Christian television program in which the people talked about how God helps people.  Tak’s mother contacted the staff from that program to see if the message about God was real.  She attended their church and began to study the Bible.  When Tak’s mother began to see hope in Christ, she started bringing her children to the church.  This was the first time that Tak heard about God.  They continued to attend the church, to study the Bible and to learn more about Jesus.  In 1981 Tak became a Christian and is the leader of the music team at his church.  Tak’s mother, sister and brother also became Christian.  His father was the last one in the family to become Christian, seven years before he died.

When Tak’s son was born there was a hole in one wall of his heart, which allowed some blood to leak out.  The doctors decided that they would not do surgery until Talent was at least 1-year old and weighed more than 22 pounds.  Tak and Beau asked many people to pray for their son.  The LHMT staff prayed for Talent every day and worried about his health.  Gradually the doctors noticed that the hole was closing and waited with the surgery.  By the time that Talent reached his third birthday the hole in his heart had closed naturally.  This was a great opportunity for Tak and Beau to share their faith with their doctors and other hospital staff and to give glory to God for this miracle.

Tak enjoys working in the studio; taking pictures; traveling; playing guitar, ukulele, keyboards and drums; eating; and trying new things.   Tak has a great sense of humor and loves working with children.  Please pray for Tak and his family as they continue to be a blessing to many people around them.


Meet Our Staff – Mr. Siam Chommee

2014 Thanksgiving27

mr. Siam Chommee

This is the second article highlighting our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff members.  We hope you enjoy getting to know them more personally.  In the coming months we will introduce you to the rest of our LHMT team.  We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Mr. Siam Chommee, whose nickname is Yam, has been working for Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) since March 2006. He is primarily involved with outreach and church relations. His responsibilities include communicating with pastors, church leaders, teachers and school administrators to arrange evangelistic training for pastors and church members and special outreach activities with listeners, students and others in their communities.

Yam has a master degree from the Thai Theological Seminary and is a worship leader in his church.  He also often leads worship times during our Equipping the Saints workshops and other programs.

Yam with wife and son

Yam with wife and son

He is married to Sommboon and has 1 son whose name is Shore. Before they were married, Yam learned about Christ from his wife and became the first Christian in his family in 1992. He has 3 older sisters and 1 older brother, all of whom are still Buddhists.

Gardening, fishing, playing and watching soccer are among Yam’s favorite pastimes. He loves children and often can be seen playing with children during LHM activities.  Yam also enjoys telling people about Jesus.

Please pray for Yam and his family, especially his siblings, that they also may come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Meet Our Staff – Ms. Anong Jungeaw


Ms. Anong Jungeaw

This post is the first in a series that will introduce each of our Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff.  Our readers often see our staff in pictures and sometimes read about them in some of our posts, so we thought you might enjoy getting to know more about them personally.  Approximately once each month we will highlight one of our staff members.  We hope that you will enjoy meeting us.

The first staff member we want to introduce to you is Ms. Anong Jungeaw.  We usually call her by her nickname, Nok.

When Nok started working at Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) on December 1, 1993, she was not yet a Christian.  After losing her job when her previous employer went bankrupt, Nok learned about a job opening at LHMT from a former coworker.  She applied and was given the position of bookstore officer.  She also helped the LHMT audience relations department.  That former coworker is now the director of LHMT.

Before starting to work at LHMT, Nok didn’t have any goals for her life.  She often wasted time on Sundays wandering around shopping malls and window shopping.

Nok with her sister, Arporn

Nok with her sister, Arporn

Nok began attending church and Bible studies at Into Light Lutheran Church with other LHMT workers.  By interacting with her new Christian friends, learning about Jesus in the Bible studies and participating in Sunday worship, Nok began to feel hope and meaning in her life.  Five months later Nok confessed her faith in Jesus and was baptized.

From that time until today, Nok has enjoyed learning more about the Bible and growing in her faith.  Now she frequently shares God’s love with her parents, her brother and two sisters and four nieces.

Nok is very happy that her younger sister, Arporn, is now working for a Christian organization and attending Into Light Lutheran Church and Bible studies on Sundays.  Nok is praying that her younger sister will follow in her footsteps and come to faith in Jesus in the near future.