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Finding Hope

Our speakers for the 3 radio programs.

Mrs. Pitsamai Ooppasanm, who lives in Narathiwat Province, lost her job as a hotel maid because of the severe pain she has been suffering from a herniated disk in her back. To help support her family, Mrs. Pitsamai tried to start a small family business that she could do from home. This has been difficult and very stressful for her.

To help relieve the stress, Mrs. Pitsamai listens to the radio. She recently came across 3 Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand programs that were being broadcast on a church community radio station. After listening to the programs Mrs. Pitsamai called our team and told us about her situation. Mrs. Pitsamai said, “When I listen to your programs and hear the radio speaker talking about God, I feel peaceful. I heard on one program that Jesus gives hope, so I want to learn more about Him. I want to have hope in my life.”

When our team heard about her story, we invited Mrs. Pitsamai to study our Bible Correspondence Course to learn more about Jesus. Now she is studying Course 1, Lesson 3. We also introduced her to local church in her area. People from the church went to visit her at her home and took her to worship at the church. Mrs. Pitsamai received lots of encouragement and wants to go to worship God at the church again.
Our staff also sent her some booklets and other Christian literature to read and learn more about God.

Mrs. Pitsamai asks for prayer that her back problem will be better and prayer that her family will get to know Jesus, too.