Her Life is no Longer in Chaos

“Home For Love” LHMT Live Radio Program

Mrs. Gaew Chaiyasit, 41 years old, came to Bangkok to find work as a  seamstress. 

One Saturday afternoon she heard live Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHMT) radio program, “Home for Love.”  Mrs. Gaew was interested in listening because she found that the program has good variety and is very informative and encouraging for daily life.

Because she works very hard taking care of her 4 children and 2 grandchildren, Mrs. Gaew often feels tired and discouraged.  While listening to “Home for Love” she heard a message about the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course.  It sounded interesting to her, so she decided to enroll.  Today she is studying the second lesson in the first course.

Now Mrs. Gaew feels happy, because through the BCC she has come to believe that God is leading her life.  She prays to God often.  Mrs. Gaew says, “I know God and trust in Him, so I’m happy now. My life is not chaos like before, because I know that God is here to take care of my life.”

Our LHMT staff introduced Mrs. Gaew to Nimitmai Church in her area, so that she can be nurtured spiritually.  She wants to get to know God better, because knows God will not leave her.  Mrs. Gaew wants to give her life to God to lead her.

We pray that Mrs. Gaew will learn and understand God’s Word and that her faith will grow stronger each cay.  We also pray that her family will come to know God, just as Mrs. Gaew has done.


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