Learning Who Jesus is through the BCC

Mrs. Matika Sae-pan is a housewife who lives in Lampang Province. She is 53 years old.

Although she has a Christian mother, Mrs. Matika has never been a believer in Jesus. However, when someone introduced her to our Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) Bible Correspondence Course (BCC), Mrs. Matika decided to sign up. Currently she is studying Course 1, Lesson 3.

During her life Mrs. Matika has encountered many obstacles and often feels discouraged. From what she has learned by studying the BCC she is happy to know that God is leading her daily life and she has confidence that God won’t leave her.

Mrs. Matika says, “Through the BCC I have learned who Jesus is and I understand how to live a Christian life. I’m interested in continuing to study. I’m very thankful to Journey Into Light – LHM Thailand.” Our staff introduced Mrs. Matika to Rabprakun Church. She already has attended worship there and the church has begun to nurture her spiritually.

Mrs. Matika asks for prayer that she’ll understand God’s Word better and that her husband and step-child also will come to know Jesus.


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