A Better Life Because of Learning How to Rely on God

Mrs. Nittaya Wongpakdee is a 60-year-old housewife with four children who always worried and felt like she had no happiness in her life. Mrs. Nittaya lives in Suratthani Province where a local radio station broadcasts three programs produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT).

When she began listening to the LHMT radio programs, Mrs. Nittaya found something positive in her life. She has been listening to all three programs, “Encouragement for You,” “Because You are Loved” and “Relieve Your Worries.” Mrs. Nittaya says, “After listening to the programs I feel relieved. I receive good information about how to live a happy life and I get to know who God is. These programs are very encouraging for my daily life.”

Our LHMT staff introduced Mrs. Nittaya to our Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) and referred her to Bandon Church, which is in her area. She has started studying the BCC and is going to the church to worship God and to study the Bible.

Mrs. Nittaya says that her life has changed in a better way since she is learning how to rely on God instead of herself.

We pray for Mrs. Nittaya, that she’ll be able to learn about the Christian life and that her faith will be strengthened, because she would like to be baptized.


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