Learning Who Jesus is through the BCC

Mrs. Matika Sae-pan is a housewife who lives in Lampang Province. She is 53 years old.

Although she has a Christian mother, Mrs. Matika has never been a believer in Jesus. However, when someone introduced her to our Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) Bible Correspondence Course (BCC), Mrs. Matika decided to sign up. Currently she is studying Course 1, Lesson 3.

During her life Mrs. Matika has encountered many obstacles and often feels discouraged. From what she has learned by studying the BCC she is happy to know that God is leading her daily life and she has confidence that God won’t leave her.

Mrs. Matika says, “Through the BCC I have learned who Jesus is and I understand how to live a Christian life. I’m interested in continuing to study. I’m very thankful to Journey Into Light – LHM Thailand.” Our staff introduced Mrs. Matika to Rabprakun Church. She already has attended worship there and the church has begun to nurture her spiritually.

Mrs. Matika asks for prayer that she’ll understand God’s Word better and that her husband and step-child also will come to know Jesus.

Listener Gathering in Konburi, Ratchasima Province

On Friday, March 17, 2017 some of our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff traveled 6 hours to Konburi District in Nakhonratchasima Province.  In 2016 our LHMT team conducted an Equipping the Saints training at Konburi Church and the church airs 3 LHMT radio programs on its community radio station, so we agreed to do a Listener Gathering there this year.

Mrs. Tongtip Hanpradit, the speaker of Relieve Your Worries

Although the main purpose for the trip was to conduct the Listener Gathering at Konburi Church on Saturday, March 18, one of our radio speakers was able to do a live broadcast on Konburi Church’s radio station shortly after our team arrived.  During the “Relieve Your Worries” broadcast the speaker invited listeners to attend the Listener Gathering the next morning.

A total of 87 people responded to the invitation and participated in the Listener Gathering from 10:00 a. m. – 12:00 noon.  Everyone enjoyed the activities and meeting our LHMT staff and radio speaker.

When our team returned to Bangkok Saturday evening they were tired but very happy that they were able to introduce so many people to the pastor and members of Konburi Church.

We thank God for safe travel and pray for the follow-up activities that Konburi Church will be doing with the people who attended the Listener Gathering.

Young Volunteers are an Important Part of Our Team

Our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff are very grateful for the work that so many volunteers do to assist us in our ministry activities.

One special group of volunteers is high school and university students who do special recordings for us.  During their school breaks they come to our studios and record Bible verses and special information spots that we use during our radio programs.  Listeners enjoy hearing their young voices and they provide variety during our broadcasts.

We thank God for these young people who are so generous with their time and who are very helpful to us.  Please pray that God will bless them and use them as His faithful servants.

A Better Life Because of Learning How to Rely on God

Mrs. Nittaya Wongpakdee is a 60-year-old housewife with four children who always worried and felt like she had no happiness in her life. Mrs. Nittaya lives in Suratthani Province where a local radio station broadcasts three programs produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT).

When she began listening to the LHMT radio programs, Mrs. Nittaya found something positive in her life. She has been listening to all three programs, “Encouragement for You,” “Because You are Loved” and “Relieve Your Worries.” Mrs. Nittaya says, “After listening to the programs I feel relieved. I receive good information about how to live a happy life and I get to know who God is. These programs are very encouraging for my daily life.”

Our LHMT staff introduced Mrs. Nittaya to our Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) and referred her to Bandon Church, which is in her area. She has started studying the BCC and is going to the church to worship God and to study the Bible.

Mrs. Nittaya says that her life has changed in a better way since she is learning how to rely on God instead of herself.

We pray for Mrs. Nittaya, that she’ll be able to learn about the Christian life and that her faith will be strengthened, because she would like to be baptized.