Eager to Hear More About Jesus

16819151_1321801414562425_5144054088642600580_oMr. Chan Dehmoon is 61 years old. He is a retired soldier living in Pak Kred District in Nonthaburi Province, which is next to Bangkok.

For a long time Mr. Chan was feeling a lot of stress in his life, so he was seeking a way to have a better life. One Saturday afternoon Mr. Chan listened to the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) radio program, “Home for Love.” He immediately became very interested and continued to listen every Saturday.

Mr. Chan  said, “When I started listening to this program I felt very happy and I wanted to hear more from this speaker. The speaker talked about Jesus, so I wanted to hear more. I’m happy to hear the stories about Jesus and ideas about how I can have a happy life.”

Our LHMT team suggested that Mr. Chan study our Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) so he could learn more about Jesus. Mr. Chan began studying the BCC and our LHM Thailand staff introduced him to Pak Kred Church, so that he could continue to grow in his faith and knowledge about God.

Mr. Chan also said, “My life is changing. I don’t feel so much stress now. My life is more relaxed because I have had a chance to study the stories about Jesus and continue to listen to the ‘Home for Love’ radio program.”

Mr. Chan wants people to pray that he will be able to understand more and that his faith in Jesus will continue to grow.


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