Encouragement and Strength Through LHMT Radio Program

Mrs. Noklek Intarasoontorn is  a housewife who lives in Bangkok with her two small children and sick mother. Because her mother is unable to walk, she needs a lot of help from Mrs. Noklek every day, which is very tiring.

16487270_1305083862900847_113789262180862968_oOne day when Mrs. Noklek turned on the radio to rest for a while, she discovered the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) programs. The one that especially caught Mrs. Noklek’s attention was “Encouragement for You.” She says, “When I listen to this LHMT radio program I feel like I get help and support. It gives me strength to face my responsibilities each day.”

After Mrs. Noklek contacted our LHMT staff and asked our team to pray for her mother to get over her sickness, her mother was able to walk a little bit. Mrs. Noklek understood this to be a sign that the prayers were answered.

Because Mrs. Noklek really wanted to go to church, our team introduced her to Ruamprakun Church, which is close to her home. The pastor visited her a couple times and she began worshiping at the church.

Mrs. Noklek commented, “Now my life has changed from feeling down to feeling strengthened. God helped me to be a better person and to have a better life.”

Mrs. Noklek asks that we pray that her mother will be healthy soon, that her family will come to know Jesus as their Savior and that she will continue to grow in her faith.


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