Christmas School Outreach in Nakhonnayok Province

The last day of our 2-week Christmas School Outreach program for 2016 was December 22. The last 2 schools we visited were both in Nakhonnayok Province. In the morning our team was at Wat Koh Ka School in Pakplee District where we did our program for 147 students in grades K-6. A few students from grades 7-9 also participated, but almost all students in grades 7-9 were involved in a sports day. As usual with the younger students, we sang some Christmas songs, did a few fun activities and used the animated Christmas video, “Red Boots for Christmas” to teach the children the true meaning of Christmas. Our team was impressed that everything was so well organized and planned very well by students and teachers. The students seemed to pay very close attention and participated very enthusiastically. We also were happy to see that the teachers attended our entire program.

After lunch our team did our program for the 312 students in Wat Nongri School in Ban Na District. We split our team into 2 groups so that we could do the animated video program with the students in grades K-6 and the English activity with the students in grades 7-9 during the same time period. Contact with this school was made by a pastor from a local church, who invited the students to join free classes to learn how to play musical instruments at the church. We pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of the students at both schools during the follow-up activities.


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