Christmas School Outreach in Prachinburi Province

After spending the weekend in our homes back in Bangkok, our team started the second week of our Christmas School Outreach program by driving to Kabinburi District in Prachinburi Province Monday morning, December 19. After lunch we did the Christmas songs and fun activities for the students at Wat Kok Udom School. We used the animated Christmas video for the 245 students in grades 1-6 and the English activity for the 30 students in grades 7-9. At the end of our time at the school we received a very nice message from a student representative. She said thank you to our team and the husband and wife from the preaching station who coordinated our schedule in Kabinburi. After mentioning how much the students enjoyed the fun activities she told us that she was happy to know the true meaning of Christmas, so she can share it with her friends and family members.

After lunch we traveled to Rutaitip School where all 516 students are in grades 7-12. Because the group was so large the teachers divided the group into 2 smaller groups and we did back-to-back presentations of the”Christmas” letters activity. We thank God that we had a chance to do our Christmas activities in Christian    schools. Because we discovered that many of the students didn’t understand the reason why Christians celebrate Christmas, we were very happy to share the good news of the birth of Jesus with them.

December 20, 2016 was the busiest day of our 2-week Christmas School Outreach program. We did Christmas activities in 3 schools in Na Di District in Prachinburi Province. Our day began at 8:30 a.m. at Ban Noansaensuk School where we sang Christmas songs, did a few fun activities and used the animated Christmas video to teach the 85 students in grades K-6 about Christmas. We were happy to see the school director and teachers join us for our entire 90-minute program. The school director even recorded two of our Christmas songs, since he had never heard them before. The end of our time at the school was very special when the students sang a thank you song to us.

The next stop on our morning schedule was Chumchon Ban Samphanta School. The 142 students in grades K-6 were patiently waiting for us to arrive. We repeated the program that we did at Ban Noansaensuk School. The students very eagerly joined the activities. They especially enjoyed seeing 3 of their students in a simple skit with our team. Again we were pleased that the school director and teachers participated in our whole program.

After lunch we traveled to Maneesawetuppatam School. We again sang the Christmas songs and did the fun activities, but for the 736 students in grades 7-12 we used the English activity to explain how Jesus is the reason that we celebrate Christmas. Even with such a large group of students our program went very smoothly. The students participated well and some of them already knew many of the English words we used during our activity. The day before our team arrived at the school, 8 small groups of students had each done a special Christmas decoration in booths around the school gymnasium. Although most used images of Santa Claus, one indicated that joy, peace and love were connected to Christmas. Another booth even incorporated John 3:16 into their decoration. We were very surprised to see that. At the end of our program an eleventh grade student from that group introduced herself to our team. Her name was Nim and she told us that she is a Christian. When we asked, she confirmed to us that she is the only Christian in her school.

Although we visited only 1 school on December 21, 2016, we did 2 presentations. Our first program at Triam Udom Suksa Nomklao Kabinburi School in Kabinburi District, Prachinburi Province began at 8:30 a.m. We did our usual 90-minute program that included singing Christmas songs and doing fun activities and then used our English Christmas activity with the 555 students in grades 7-9. As soon as they left the meeting hall the 678 students in grades 10-12 came in. We did the same program with the second group of students. They seemed to understand English quite well and enjoyed participating in the activity. Most of the students in both groups knew something about Santa Claus, but they did not know that Christmas was a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Prior to beginning our presentations the school gave awards to students who had won an English competition about Christmas and to the winners of an art competition about Christmas. Santa Claus was in all of their pictures. But now they know the true meaning of Christmas. After lunch we rode in the van to Nakhonnayok Province to prepare for the final day of our 2016 Christmas School Outreach program.


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