LHMT Preparing to Do Annual Christmas School Outreach

One of the main ministry activities of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) each year is our Christmas School Outreach program.  Every December our director and staff visit schools in different parts of Thailand to share with the students and teachers the true meaning of Christmas.

Over a period of 9 days this year our team will travel to 13 government schools in central and northeastern Thailand.  We expect to do our Christmas presentation to more than 5,000 students and teachers.  Many people in Thailand know something about Santa Claus, but have never heard the name of Jesus.

Due to the recent death of the king of Thailand the country is still observing a time of mourning.  To honor the Thai king and to be sensitive to the sadness the people are experiencing, we are modifying our Christmas presentations this year.  In the past we have included many games and fun activities with the students.  This year the atmosphere of our presentations will be more subdued, but we will continue to tell them about Jesus and highlight the joy that we have because Jesus was born to die for our sins.

Please pray for our team on December 13-16 and 19-23.  Please pray for safe travel and that the Holy Spirit will open the minds of the students and teachers to understand who Jesus is and why He was born.


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