Learning How to Rely on God

Mrs. Sumalee Sanuannam is a 46-year-old housewife with two children. She lives in Samut Sakon and has a son and a daughter.  Although everyone in her family is Buddhist, her son attends Mahachai Christian School.

The school uses some Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) radio programs and Mrs. Sumalee heard the “Encouragement for You” broadcast at the school. During the program she learned about the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) and decided to enroll.  She is currently studying Lesson 1 of Course 2.  The BCC has helped her improve her knowledge about Jesus and she wants to continue to learn more.

Our LHMT staff connected Mrs. Sumalee with Mahachai Church and she has been attending often.

Mrs. Sumalee says, “My life is much different now. In the past it was very easy for me to get angry. Now I’m more calm and reasonable.  I pray to God a lot and I’m learning how to rely on God to lead me in my life.”

Mrs. Sumalee is preparing to be baptized at the end of 2016. She is thankful to LHMT for the radio program that helped change her life.

Please pray for her baptism preparations and for her family.