Two Listener Gatherings on One Weekend (Takuapa, Phang Nga Province)

lg-takuapa8On Saturday evening, September 3, 2016 Mr. Amnuay, one of our radio speakers, and our Lutheran Hour Ministry Thailand (LHMT) staff drove from Khok Kloi, after conducting a Listener Gathering program, to the town of Takuapa in Phang Nga Province, where they stayed that night.  On Sunday morning, September 4, 2016 they worshiped at Concordia Takuapa Lutheran Church and conducted the Listener Gathering in the afternoon.

Our staff led the people in the same games and activities as on Saturday, Mr. Amnuay gave his encouraging words and sang the song again and the local pastor shared some encouraging thoughts with everyone.

A total of 47 people attended, including 23 listeners, some guests and church members.  Two of the people who participated in the Listener Gathering were a couple who recently moved near the church.  When the pastor’s wife met them, she told them about our Listener Gathering and invited them to attend.  During the Listener Gathering they were happy to hear about our LHMT radio programs.  Although they are not Christians, they attended the church for the first time that morning.  The pastor and LHMT staff will be making follow-up contacts with them in the coming weeks.

The team returned to Bangkok on Monday.  We thank God for safe travel during the long rides, for good interactions with the listeners, guests and church members and for the opportunity to share the Gospel with everyone who participated in the 2 Listener Gatherings.


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