Good Response to Program Honoring Mothers


One of the mothers who received our t-shirt.

During our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) live radio broadcasts on August 6 and 13 the main topic of the programs was giving honor to mothers in connection with the Thailand Mother’s Day on August 12.

To help our listeners celebrate we gave away free Mother’s Day T-shirts to people who telephoned our staff during the radio program.  A total of 42 people called and gave us their contact information.  Some callers planned to wear the T-shirts on Mother’s Day.  Others told us the T-shirts were going to be a gift to their mothers on Mother’s Day.

We are very happy that so many listeners contacted us during the radio program and that they appreciated the T-shirts so much.  We received many good comments about the T-shirts and the live radio broadcasts.  We thank God that we are able to reach out to the people of central Thailand with encouraging messages through the live programs and to tell them about God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.  We look forward to having more contact with them through our follow-up activities in the coming weeks.



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