ETS Training in Ayutthaya Province

ETS Ayutthaya18On Saturday, July 30, 2016, the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff conducted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) evangelism training for 61 pastors and church members from 5 churches at Wang Noi Full Gospel Church in Ayutthaya Province, just north of Bangkok.  These churches have formed an informal group to work together in sharing the Gospel with the nonbelievers in their area.

Because Ayutthaya is less than an hour from the LHMT ministry center in Bangkok, our team went to Wang Noi Full Gospel Church on Friday to deliver the workshop materials and to become familiar with the church and the community.  The LHMT team was happy to be able to leave home early in the morning and return home on Friday and Saturday instead of staying overnight in a hotel.

All of the participants seemed to enjoy their time together praying, worshiping, learning and practicing various evangelism techniques that were presented by the LHMT team.  Throughout the day they all worked well together and they appreciated all of the information they received from our team during the ETS modules.

At the end of the workshop we received very positive feedback from those who attended and 43 people became LHMT commissioned volunteers.  A total of 73 people registered to begin receiving encouraging Gospel text messages on their mobile phones, because some participants registered the mobile phone numbers of people who didn’t attend.

We are very thankful to Rev. Somsak Sangpayome from Romglao Ayutthaya Church for organizing our workshop and to Pastor Urai Wiroonpawadee of Wan Noi Full Gospel Church for the use of that facility.  All of the arrangements were well planned, so our workshop went very smoothly.

We thank God for safe travel, for the good connections we were able to make with the participants and for the people who became our volunteers.  We pray that everyone will feel comfortable sharing their faith with family and friends through the techniques they learned during the workshop.




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