Ministry Booth and Product Sale

Two staff members from Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) set up a ministry booth and sold a variety of products from the LHMT Christian bookstore on Sunday, July 17, 2016. Pak Kred Church, which is located just outside Bangkok, invited our staff to sell Bibles, Christian books and materials, T-shirts, jewelry, music CDs and other products to their church members and staff before and after the worship service.

LHMT has had a good relationship with Pak Kred Church and some of their members have purchased items from our bookstore in the past. There are only a few Christian bookstores in Bangkok, so it’s not convenient for the church members to buy Christian materials. Because most of them work during the week, they aren’t able to visit a Christian bookstore during the normal business hours.

The pastor and church members of Pak Kred Church are very appreciative when our staff conduct a product sale at their church on a Sunday morning. They are happy that they can materials to encourage them and strengthen their faith, T-shirts and jewelry that they can wear to express their Christian identity and nice gifts that they can give to their Christian friends and family members.

Product sales at churches also are helpful to our LHMT ministry, because it is one form of local fund raising that we do to help support our ministry activities. We thank God for our relationship with Pak Kred Church and we pray that the items purchased by the church members will be blessings to them.


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