Meet Our Staff – Suwichanon Mahahing

Waan2The newest member of the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff, Suwichanon Mahahing, whose nickname is Waan, has been working as a studio technician with LHMT since July 2013.

Waan is single and has 2 older sisters and 3 older brothers.  Born into a Buddhist family, Waan became a Christian in 2009.  He is the second Christian in his family.

When he was a small boy Waan spent a lot of time with the monks at a temple near his home.  Waan became interested in becoming a monk, but his family was unable to pay the expenses for the initiation ceremony.  Through scholarships arranged by Ms. Christie Nelson, who was an LCMS missionary in Thailand at that time, Waan was able to enter junior high school and complete his studies through twelfth grade.


Waan’s mother and father (deceased)

During his senior year in high school Waan’s father became very sick and close to death.  Waan was worried that he could not go from school to the hospital before his father died, so he prayed to God.  He said if God is real, then please let his father live a little longer.  Waan’s father lived for another five days.  Since then Waan began to search for God.

Waan moved to Bangkok to study law at Ramkamhang University.  During his second year of studies he started receiving scholarships from Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation Thailand (CWEFT).  He began attending a Lutheran church and was baptized two years later.


Christie Nelson (left) and Waan’s sister and mother

After receiving a bachelor degree in law Waan worked for CWEFT for two years before joining LHMT.  In addition to his work with LHMT, he is taking theological classes through the Luther Institute Southeast Asia.

Waan’s special interests include traveling, photography, computers, playing guitar, soccer and volleyball.




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