Bright Teeth and Happy Feet Project – February 9

Ban Don Tan Sian9On February 9, 2016 our LHMT staff did the Bright Teeth and Happy Feet project at 3 schools in Kanchanaburi Province. The first school was Ban Nongsonpung School. Our team led the 142 students in some fun activities and songs and a village health volunteer taught the children the proper way to brush their teeth. Pastor Mai Phungubol from Uloksemun Church and his wife arranged our school visits and partnered with our team in doing the activities and distributing the gift packs to the students. The village health volunteer didn’t go to the second school, so our team taught the 162 students at Ban Dontansian School the proper techniques for brushing their teeth.

After lunch our LHMT team was able to observe the students using the toothpaste, tooth brushes and cups from their gift packs. Some students also were reading the Gospel tract from their gift packs. After lunch our team and another volunteer did the same program for the 153 students at Uloksemun School. In the coming weeks Pastor Mai and his wife will do follow-up activities at all 3 schools.

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