Bright Teeth and Happy Feet Project – February 4

Ban Tha Fang2February 4, 2016, the third and final day for the Bright Teeth and Happy Feet project in Kuiburi District in Prachuabkhirikhan Province began at Ban Tha Fang School. As the 145 children sat squeezed together on the ground, our team led them in a song about not forgetting to brush their teeth and some fun activities. Along with Pastor Wichien Rakkhantho, his wife and some of their church members our team then moved to Ban Nong Moo School.

After finishing our usual program and giving the 83 students their gift packs and Bible story books it was time for lunch. We had a chance to observe the students using the materials from their gift packs. Our team really enjoyed watching the students use the tooth brushes, tooth paste and cups from their gift packs and seeing that they were using the proper brushing techniques that they learned during our presentation. The last school on our Kuiburi District schedule was Ban Pak Muang School. The 69 children at Ban Pak Muang School really loved getting the gift packs and the Bible story books.  Some of them immediately opened the books and began looking at the colorful pictures.

It is our prayer that they will open the books often and read the many stories that they contain. One of the benefits of doing holistic programs like Bright Teeth and Happy Feet is that they provide opportunities for us to tell the children and teachers that God loves them and that Christian people in the United States also love them enough to donate all of the materials that we give them.

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