ETS Evangelism Training in Pichit

On Saturday, January 23, 2016 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) conducted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) evangelism training workshop at Christ’s Vision – Sam Ngam Church in Pichit Province.

ETS Phichit21About 7 years ago Pastor Rungtikun Intasorn attended an ETS training conducted by LHMT and in October 2015 he sent some of his church members to attend another ETS workshop.  Pastor Rungtikun and the members who had attended an ETS training wanted other members from their church and people from churches in their area to have the same opportunity.  So, they arranged an ETS training at Christ’s Vision – Sam Ngam Church and invited people from 8 other churches to attend.  A total of 72 people participated.

God greatly blessed the LHMT director and staff as they conducted the training and began building relationships with the people who were there.  The response from the participants was very positive.  One church plans to contact LHMT soon to schedule an ETS workshop at their church.  Several churches asked about partnering with LHMT in doing School Christmas Outreach Programs in their areas.

The people mentioned that there is no Christian community radio station in Pichit, so they are considering operating one and would like to broadcast LHMT radio programs.

Of the 72 people who joined the ETS training, 26 signed up to become LHMT commissioned volunteers.

We thank God for safe travel, for the good contacts that we were able to make during the ETS workshop and for their excitement about working with LHMT in the future.

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