Christmas School Outreach Program in Lopburi Province – December 16

We enjoyed our time with the students from Anuban Changwat Tahan Bok Lopburi School.

We enjoyed our time with the students from Anuban Changwat Tahan Bok Lopburi School.

On December 16, 2015 our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff moved our Christmas School Outreach Program to Lopburi Province.  The first school we visited there was Anuban Changwat Tahan Bok Lopburi School where we were scheduled to do our program for 233 students in grades 1-6.

When we arrived at the school the assistant director told us that the 107 students in grades 7-9 also wanted to participate.  After checking to be sure that we had enough gift packs for the older students, we divided our team into two groups.  Half of our team did our activity of using the letters in the word “Christmas” to tell the older students the story about Jesus.  The other half of our team used the Christmas video with the younger children.

All of the students enjoyed singing the Christmas songs and doing the fun activities with our LHMT team.  The students in grades 7-9 were very happy that they could join our program and we were thankful that we were able to share the true meaning of Christmas with all of the students.

We were delayed starting the morning program, because we had to reorganize our group and set up to do the program for the older students.  As a result, we finished later than we planned.  After moving to Chupsorn School and eating a quick lunch, we were told that the school director wanted the 95 students in grades 1-6 to have a chance to practice English.  So, instead of using the Christmas video we did our English Christmas activity.  We were concerned, because we knew the English activity would be quite difficult for the children.

However, the children enjoyed our program and the teachers and school director were very happy.  They asked us to return to their school again next year to do another Christmas program.  We are very grateful to Pastor Mongkonchai Artsomboon (Pastor Mong), a former LHMT staff, and his Prasiri Lopburi Church members for arranging our school visits in Lopburi Province and for assisting us during our presentations.

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