Thanking Friends and Glorifying the Lord

Thanksgiving47On Saturday, November 28, 2015, Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) celebrated its annual Thanksgiving Banquet for donors and other ministry partners and friends.  More than 200 people came together for a catered dinner and an evening of worship, games, entertainment and words of thanks and appreciation.

Every year LHMT invites people who have supported its ministry with their time, energy, money and prayers to celebrate the good things that God has done for and through their ministry activities.  Special speakers included Pastor Wichean Rakkhantho from Kuiburi Church in PrchuapkhirikhanProvince, who gave the message during the worship time.  Pastor Wichean, his wife and church members are good friends of LHMT who have partnered with LHMT several times in doing school outreach and other programs in the community near their church.  Pastor Wichean and his wife were happy to travel more than four hours to attend the Thanksgiving Banquet and to share God’s Word with everyone who came for the evening.

The people who attended were treated to an excellent dinner and had opportunities to meet each other, to purchase products from the LHMT Christian bookstore and some special Christmas and gift items that were brought in especially for this occasion.

The theme for the evening was “Glorify the Lord,” which clearly reflected the understanding of all who participated that it is because of God’s gracious blessings that LHMT was able to accomplish so many ministry programs and activities during the previous year.

The LHMT director and staff very much appreciate all the help of so many volunteers and friends throughout the year.  They had a great time thanking and celebrating with people they are not able to see often.  It’s very encouraging to have so many partners who work with LHMT and who help to make ministry activities possible in various parts of Thailand.  The LHMT director and staff also appreciate the leadership and support of Dr. Douglas Rutt, International Director, and Mrs. Gunya Na Thalang, Asia Regional Director, for Lutheran Hour Ministries in the United States.

God has truly blessed Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand in many ways, especially with a large network of people who have hearts to help LHMT share the Gospel with so many Thai people who don’t know who Jesus is or what He has done for them.

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