LHM Directors from Asia Enjoy the Second Half of their Annual Workshop

The Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) Asia Regional Workshop continued Wednesday morning with morning devotions and prayer, followed by a session on the Theology of Evangelism Part 2.  All of these were led by Dr. Rutt.

After the morning break Mrs. Deborah Rutt conducted a session on Fundraising.  The afternoon session began after lunch with Mrs. Deborah leading the third session on Fundraising.

Following the afternoon break Rev. Richard Fox from Australia did a session a One-Minute Radio Spots.  The afternoon was closed with a presentation by Mrs. Gunya Na Thalang on A Core Principle in the Stewardship of Giving.  Dinner and individual sessions with Mrs. Gunya completed the evening.

When breakfast and a devotion were finished Thursday morning, all of the workshop attendees went to observe a ministry activity at a GKPI school in East Jakarta.  The last activity before lunch was a visit to the LHM Indonesia ministry center.

The afternoon sessions focused on Muslim Outreach in Indonesia and LHM Ministry Matters.  After dinner a farewell party was planned for everyone to attend.

After breakfast and a devotion Friday morning, Dr. Rutt did a short presentation on Leadership Practices.  After the break Mrs. Gunya conducted a short closing session and workshop evaluation.  Mrs. Monta Ekwanit Denow, LHM Thailand country director, said a prayer to close the workshop.  After lunch most of the people attending the workshop went to the airport to catch flights back to their home countries.  The remaining country directors departed on Saturday.

Although the workshop schedule was quite full everyone felt tired, they also were happy to have this time together.  During the sessions they learned a lot of helpful information and they had many opportunities to talk personally with each other and to enjoy spending time together.  Everyone seemed to think that the workshop was a success and they already look forward to meeting together again next year.

Please pray for Dr. Rutt and his wife, Deborah, and Mrs. Gunya as they return to the United States and for each of the country directors as they continue their many ministry activities in their countries throughout the Asia region.

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