LHM Asia Regional Directors Meet in Jakarta for Annual Workshop

Asia Workshop22

The Lutheran Hour Ministry (LHM) country directors throughout the Asia region are meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, from November 8-13, 2015.  This annual meeting, held in different countries each year, is a good chance for the country directors to meet with Dr. Douglas Rutt, the LHM International Director and Mrs. Gunya Na Thalang, the Asia Regional Director, to discuss structure and strategy and to receive in-service training regarding a number of ministry issues.

After arriving Jakarta on Saturday, November 7, the group attended worship together at a local Lutheran church and then visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, an Indonesian cultural site.  This unique park provides a miniature Indonesia through which visitors can walk to experience many of the various cultures found throughout the country.  Following dinner at a local restaurant, Mrs. Gunya provided a short welcome and introduction to the group.

Following breakfast and a devotion Monday morning led by Rev. C. David, the country directors met as a group in a session about LHM New Structure and Strategy and and then three sessions about LHM Digital Outreach.  The last session of the day was How to Effectively Use Internet/Social Media to Proclaim the Gospel in Asia.  In the evening some of the directors were able to have individual meetings with Mrs. Gunya to discuss their specific ministry needs, opportunities and challenges.

Tuesday morning began with a devotion and prayer led by Dr. Rutt.  He then conducted a session on The Theology of Evangelism.  After the morning break, Rev. Dr. Purnawan Tenibemas, Rector of Tyrannus Seminary in Bandung, Indonesia, presented a session on Muslim Outreach in Asia and Indonesia.  After lunch Mr. Hai Au, country director from Vietnam, led a session on how LHM Vietnam uses the internet and social media to conduct its ministry outreach and Dr. Rutt shared some online ministry personal experience.  During the last session in the afternoon Dr. Rutt informed the group about the various resources that are available for them to plan special celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

Although the days are quite full with meetings and presentations, the country directors are able to enjoy some informal time together during meals and breaks and in the evenings.  This is very valuable for them to be able to get to know each other better, to encourage one another and to look for ways in which they might be able to partner together in some ministry activities.

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