A Closer Look at Our Ministry: Text Messaging

S__5562417Finding the most effective means of communicating with non-believers in Thailand is always a challenge.  Thai people typically think of Christianity as the religion of Westerners.   When they hear a Christian message, they automatically think that it’s just for Westerners.

Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) is interested in sharing the Gospel with non-believers, but also eager to find ways to encourage and nurture Christians throughout Thailand.

One way that LHMT uses to connect with non-believers and to encourage believers at the same time is through text messages.  Almost everyone in Thailand has a mobile phone and text messaging is a common way of communicating.  Through text messages LHMT can make personal connections with people we haven’t met and we can maintain contact with people who already have participated in some of our ministry activities.

Every Wednesday LHMT sends a text message to the mobile phones of more than 5,000 people.  Both Christians and non-Christians, who have signed up for this service, receive a Bible passage and an encouraging message.  Words of grace and forgiveness, expressions of God’s glory and love and reminders of God’s presence in all situations are some of the topics shared each week.

Feedback that LHMT has received indicate that these messages have had a positive impact on many people.  Both believers and non-believers have told us that they have received messages that applied to specific situations in their lives and have provided answers that they were looking for.

God’s Word is powerful and able to touch the hearts and minds of Christians and non-Christians alike.  Sharing the Gospel through text messages on personal mobile phones is one way to connect with people who otherwise would not read the Bible or hear a Christian message.  It’s also a great way to support Christians who may be the only believers in their families and communities.

We thank God for the technology that makes it possible for us to so quickly and easily send His Word to thousands of people each week.  And we thank God for providing the financial support for this important ministry activity.



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