BLC Team Completes the School Outreach Program

1Sanook with English04The last of the 3 schools where the Brookfield Lutheran Church (BLC) team did the Sanook with English (Fun with English) program was Nikom Tubkwang Songkraw 2 School.  The BLC team did special songs and fun activities for the students in grades 1-6 both Monday morning and Tuesday morning.

Following the same format as at the first school, the BLC team divided into 3 groups and divided the students into 3 groups.  As the student groups rotated between the BLC groups they had many chances to learn about culture in the United States and to practice using English.

One of the favorite activities for the children was making snow.  They were mazed as they added water to a white substance and watched it become snow.  They loved feeling how cold it was and were very happy that they could take some home in small sealable plastic bags.

The children also loved the fun personal interactions that they had with the visitors during the first hour of the day when everyone did songs and fun activities led by the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff.

After lunch at the school on Monday, the BLC team and LHMT team made a trip to a very famous Buddhist temple, which claims to have a footprint of the Buddha. Large numbers of people come to this temple every day to drop money into the footprint in hopes of receiving good karma.  Seeing the beauty of the temple and watching people doing prayers and rituals at the temple helped the BLC team better understand the importance of Buddhism in Thailand.

Tuesday morning was the last day of the Sanook with English in Schools Program.  Although the BLC team was quite tired and some were facing minor health discomforts, they enjoyed this last chance to have fun with the students.  At the end of the morning there were many mixed emotions as the materials were packed up for the last time and final goodbyes were said.  A number of students asked for the contact information from the BLC team in hopes of continuing to stay in touch through Facebook and emails.

After lunch on Tuesday the teams returned to Bangkok and the BLC team began preparing for their journey home.

Wednesday morning the teams faced Bangkok traffic during a trip to the Concordia Day Care Center (CDCC), located on the other side of Bangkok.  Members of the BLC team who have been on previous trips to Thailand wanted to visit the CDCC again and to have the other team members experience this outreach ministry to a slum community near the Bangkok airport.

Both the BLC and LHMT teams joined together at the LHMT building for a farewell lunch hosted by LHMT.  During the lunch the teams reflected on the time they had together and the ministry activities that they accomplished.  There were some tears as they realized they had only a few more hours left together.  Some very close relationships were formed among the team members in just a matter of days.  Some gifts were exchanged and plans were made for keeping in touch in the future.

After lunch the teams went to JJ Mall for some last minute shopping for the BLC team.  In the evening the BLC team had to pack and weigh all their bags before loading them into the vans for the ride to the airport.  Saying goodbye at the airport was made somewhat easier as they prayed together, hugged and the BLC team talked about returning to Thailand with future teams from Brookfield Lutheran Church.

We look forward to hosting more BLC teams and we pray God’s blessings on them as they return to their families and friends in Wisconsin.

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