The BLC Team Continues their Sanook with English Program

IMG_2345When the volunteer mission team from Brookfield Lutheran Church (BLC) in Wisconsin arrived at Wat Phongkonsao School in Saraburi Province, on Friday morning, October 9, 2015, they discovered that there was some confusion about their program.  The students were already involved in taking an examination and the teachers weren’t expecting the BLC team and the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) team at their school.  When the school director arrived a short time later, the confusion was cleared up and the BLC team was able to start their program.  As a result, the Sanook with English program started later than planned.

Because the BLC and LHMT teams were scheduled to be at Wat Phongkonsao School for only one day, the Sanook with English program was shorter than what they did at Baan Nongpakbung School the two previous days.  It had to be curtailed even more because of the delay in starting the activities.  Instead of having 30 minutes for each of the activities, the time was shortened to 20 minutes.

A total of 111 students in grades 3-9 participated in the Sanook with English program.  Because this is the only school with grades 7-9 that the BLC and LHMT teams will be visiting during this program, they had a chance to interact with students whose English proficiency level was higher than the other students.  This made it possible for the teams to have more advanced conversations with the older students.

After lunch the teams did some sightseeing in a national park in the area and visited a cave before returning to Bangkok.

Saturday was a free day for the BLC team, so in the morning they were able to visit Ayuthya, the former capital of Thailand.  Situated about an hour north of Bangkok, Ayuthya is very interesting because of it’s important role in the history of Thailand and the numerous ruins that are found throughout the area.  A visit to Ayothaya Market for lunch, some shopping and a culture show gave the team more information about the history and culture of the area.

Sunday morning the BLC team attended a Bible study and worship at Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church.  They sang a special song for the congregation and enjoyed lunch with everyone at the church before going to the main tourist attraction in Bangkok, the Grand Palace, with the LHMT staff.  A visit to the Grand Palace is a clear reminder of the importance of the king of Thailand and the royal family.  From there the teams returned to the hotel in Saraburi and prepared for their visit to the next school.

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