BLC Team Completes Program at First School


IMG_1043The Brookfield Lutheran Church (BLC) team from Brookfield, Wisconsin has completed the first part of their program in Thailand.  On Wednesday and Thursday, October 7 -8, 2015, they did a variety of activities with approximately 60 students from Baan Nongpakbung School in Saraburi Province.  For 3 hours each morning the BLC team, in partnership with the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff, led the students in singing fun songs and doing activities to help them enjoy practicing English.

The BLC team divided into 3 groups and arranged 3 stations.  The students were divided into 3 groups and rotated between the stations every 30 minutes.  In one station the BLC team used the topic of families to teach the students about culture and society in the United States.  The topics of the other 2 stations were animals and seasons.  Through the activities the students especially practiced vocabulary and listening.  They were able to practice speaking and pronunciation through the fun songs.

In addition to highlighting the topics of the stations the BLC team members were able to incorporate the Gospel into their presentations and to share their faith with the students.

At the end of the second morning the students were very sad to see the BLC  team leave.  There were some tears, lots of hugs and contact information shared.  The school director was very pleased with the program provided by BLC and LHMT and happy to have his students participate during their school break.

After lunch at the school Wednesday the BLC team enjoyed a trip to a famous Buddhist temple followed by a trip to a waterfall in Sam Lan National Park.  This was a good chance for the team to see some of the beautiful scenery of Thailand.

Thursday afternoon the team visited Chokchai Farm, an 8,000 acre dairy farm, animal husbandry and research facility.  For a group of volunteers from Wisconsin, which has the nickname America’s Dairyland, it was very interesting to compare the animals, facilities and methods of Chokchai Farm with farms in Wisconsin.

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