Another Brookfield Lutheran Church Volunteer Team is Coming to Thailand

6718Late Monday night, October 5, 2015, a team of 9 volunteers from Brookfield Lutheran Church (BLC) in Wisconsin will be arriving Bangkok.  This is the third volunteer team that the church has sent to Thailand in the past 5 years.  Five members of this team have come to Thailand with previous BLC teams.

The plan is to have the team do special outreach activities in 3 schools in Saraburi Province, which is about 2 hours from Bangkok.  Their program will include using games, songs and fun activities that will provide real situations for the students to practice using English with native English speakers. Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff will work with the BLC team to help organize the students and to interpret when necessary.

This will be a unique opportunity for these schools, since they have no foreign English teachers.  For many students it will be the first time they have interacted personally with foreigners.  Although this is a school break, almost all of the students will be coming to school to join this program.  

In addition to providing English practice for the students, the BLC team members will be sharing the Gospel through their interactions and conversations with the students.

Local pastors and church members also will be at each school.  This program is a natural way for the pastors and church members to get involved in the schools, to interact with the students and to build relationships with the teachers and school administrators.

LHMT is happy to host another BLC team and to do this school outreach program together.  These two groups have worked well in the past and a strong relationship has grown between LHMT and BLC.  We thank God for this partnership in ministry and pray for God’s blessing as we join hands in ministry in the coming days.


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