LHMT Does First Ministry Activity in New Area

On August 29, 2015 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) conducted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) evangelism training at Samphan Phichit Church in Phichit Province.  Because Phichit Province is a 5-hour drive from Bangkok, the LHMT team left Bangkok on August 28 and returned late at night on August 29.

A total of 31 people joined the training from 5 churches in that area.  Because this is the first time that LHMT has done a program there, not many people know about this ETS training and the other LHMT ministry activities.  As a result, the number of participants was smaller than usual, because the person who arranged the program invited only church leaders to attend.  Normally all church members, especially young people, are invited.  But, this training proved to be a good introduction to the church leaders who attended, some good relationships were started and LHMT now has opportunities for future ministry in that area.

All of the participants gave very positive feedback at the end of the day and some asked to have LHMT return to work with their churches.  One pastor, whose church is in a different area from Samphan Phichit Church, asked if LHMT would conduct an ETS training for all the members of his church.  Another pastor said that he wanted to have his church work with LHMT to do a school outreach program in the near future.

It looks like LHMT will continue to have involvement with churches in Phichit Province in the future.  A total of 17 people signed up to work as LHMT commissioned volunteers and 30 joined the program to receive encouraging Gospel messages on their mobile phones.  Some of them even signed up their non-Christian friends.

This was a good start for LHMT doing ministry in Phichit Province.  We thank God for the good connections that were made and for the interest in continuing to work with LHMT in the future.  We look forward to adding some programs in Phichit Province to our schedule.

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