Listener Shares Christian Message with Hospital Patients

The LHMT director talking with a listener.

The LHMT director talking with a listener.

On Saturday, August 29, 2015, the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director answered the telephone at a commercial radio station in Bangkok.  From 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm every Saturday LHMT broadcasts a live radio program called Home for Love and invites listeners to call the station to talk with LHMT personnel, to greet the radio speaker and to receive a free gift.

As the LHMT director talked with the callers, she was very happy to hear their positive comments about the radio program.  They found the program to be interesting, because the speaker offered very practical and useful information for their families.

One phone call was especially interesting.  Ms. Rattana Rodpai works at a hospital in Samut Prakan.  She has been listening to the LHMT live broadcasts for several years.  In the past she called in during the live broadcast and received some free Christian booklets from LHMT.  Ms. Rattana liked the booklets so much that she began reading them to some of the patients in the hospital.

The main reason that Ms. Rattana called in on August 29 was that she wanted to encourage the radio speaker and let him know how much she enjoys the program.  When the LHMT director asked Ms. Rattana if she is a Christian, she replied, “Almost.”  She said that she’s very interested in learning more about the Bible and Christianity.

The LHMT director will call Ms. Rattana very soon to begin building a relationship with her and to ask if she is interested in studying the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course.

Please pray for Ms. Rattana, that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in her heart and bring her to faith in Jesus.



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