Radio Speaker Returns for “Home for Love” Live Program

Home for Love5

Mr. Umnuay Ruangchan

The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) radio program, “Home for Love,” has a new design and a new sound.  Those changes are the result of having a new speaker.  Mr. Umnuay Rungchan is now the voice of the program, which is broadcast live for one hour every Saturday afternoon on a commercial radio station in Bangkok and the central region of Thailand.

Mr. Umnuay is a former LHMT radio speaker who has returned to take responsibility for writing and broadcasting the “Home for Love” program.

The program gives a variety of family information, how to be a successful family, along with Christian love, songs and encouraging Bible verses.  Listeners tell us that the program provides very practical information and encouragement for their daily lives.

With the change in speaker the program continues to operate very well.  During each live broadcast between 5-15 listeners call in to talk with our LHMT staff.  Each week different LHMT staff members receive the incoming phone calls.  They answer the phone, respond to the callers’ questions or comments, ask for the contact information of the callers and help arrange continued contacts with the callers.

Both the LHMT staff and radio speaker enjoy leading and participating in this radio program and plan to be involved well into the future.

We thank God for giving us the opportunity to broadcast this live program each week and for the people who call in to talk with our staff.  We also thank God for the positive feedback that we get regarding the program.  Please pray for God’s continued blessing on Mr. Umnuay and for everyone who hears this program.


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