LHM Thailand Team Enjoy Time at Brookfield VBS

Since July 10 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and 3 of her staff have been at Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  The church sponsored the LHMT team to assist with the Vacation Bible School (VBS) program.  This year’s curriculum focuses on Thai culture and ways of sharing the Gospel among the people in Thailand.

The LHMT team members have been enjoying their time in Wisconsin and getting to see church members who have been on mission teams to Thailand in the past and getting to meet church members who will be on the next Brookfield mission team in October.  The LHMT group did home stays with 2 families during the week, ate lunches and dinners with several other families and with the Brookfield Lutheran Church senior pastor.

The VBS program was held Monday through Thursday mornings.  The LHMT team participated in the opening for children aged 3-5 each morning and did presentations each morning for children aged 6-10.  More than 500 children and nearly 100 staff participated in the VBS program.

Each day had a different theme.  The theme for Monday was God is Real; Tuesday’s theme was God is Love; Wednesday’s was God is Forgiving; and the theme for Thursday was God is Forever.  The older children were divided into 4 groups, which moved through 4 stations during each morning.  So, the LHMT team and others did their presentations 4 times each day.  The LHMT team emphasized Thai culture and how they share the Gospel in Thailand during their presentations.  Their presentations included short videos, Thai songs and some activities that they use during their ministry activities in Thailand.  They also planned time for the children to ask many questions.

Each afternoon members from Brookfield Lutheran Church took the LHMT for special outings.  These activities included a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo, a visit to a dairy farm and other interesting places.

Early Sunday morning the LHMT group did a presentation before the first worship service and did Bible readings, the Lord’s Prayer and sang a Thai hymn for the entire congregation during the 2 worship services.  At noon everyone had fun participating in a picnic at the church, during which the LHMT team introduced church members to walking on coconut shells and playing Takraw, a traditional Thai sport that incorporates elements from badminton, volleyball and soccer.

We thank God for this wonderful opportunity to partner with Brookfield Lutheran Church, for good health for our LHMT team members and for great times spent with former and new mission team members from the church.


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