A Unique Ministry Opportunity

When Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin was looking for a curriculum to use for their Vacation Bible School (VBS) this summer, they were excited to discover one titled, “Thailand Trek.”  They expect about 150 children aged 3-5 and about 200 children aged 6-10 to join the VBS program this year.  Brookfield Lutheran Church has sent 2 volunteer mission teams to Thailand to do holistic projects with Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand.  This connection with Thailand made Thailand Trek the perfect choice for their VBS program.

The VBS leaders decided to invite the LHM Thailand director and 3 of her staff to travel to Wisconsin and participate in the VBS program.  The church arranged the air tickets, housing with former mission team members and the LHM Thailand director and 3 staff left Bangkok on Thursday, July 10.

TeamDuring their first days in the United States they were met at the airport in Chicago by some Brookfield Lutheran Church members, given a tour of Chicago, spent time with some of the former mission team members, started to become familiar with the Brookfield area and attended church Sunday morning.  They also did the final planning and preparations for the presentations that they will do during the VBS program.

The LHM Thailand team will assist with the VBS program from July 13-16 and with worship on Sunday, July 19.  We thank God and Brookfield Lutheran Church for this opportunity to partner with them in this ministry program.  Please check this blog for updates during our time in the United States.



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