Meet Our Staff – Mr. Norasate Srisawake

Norasate Srisawake

Norasate Srisawake

This is the latest of our blogs introducing our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) team members.  We hope that you enjoy getting to know our staff, whose pictures you sometimes see and whose names you often read in our blogs.  Please remember them in your prayers.

Mr. Norasate Srisawake, whose nickname is Tak, has been working with LHM Thailand since March 2003.  He is currently the program manager and one of our studio technicians.

Talent, Beau and Tak

Talent, Beau and Tak

Prior to joining the LHM Thailand staff, Tak was a physical education teacher for 8 years and was a faithful LHMT volunteer.  Tak has 1 older brother and 1 older sister.  He is married to Narinrat (nickname Beau) and has a 5-year old son, Talent.

When Tak was 8-years old he was riding in a car with his family on the way to a temple where Tak’s grandfather was a Buddist monk and his grandmother was a Buddhist nun.  Their car was involved in a serious accident and Tak’s mother, sister and brother were thrown from the car.   His sister was nearly killed and his mother was seriously hurt.  Tak, his brother and his father were able to leave the hospital the same day.  Tak’s mother could not understand how something so bad could happen to her family when they were going to the temple to give offerings to make merit for a good life.

WhileTak’s mother was recovering at home after leaving the hospital, she watched a Christian television program in which the people talked about how God helps people.  Tak’s mother contacted the staff from that program to see if the message about God was real.  She attended their church and began to study the Bible.  When Tak’s mother began to see hope in Christ, she started bringing her children to the church.  This was the first time that Tak heard about God.  They continued to attend the church, to study the Bible and to learn more about Jesus.  In 1981 Tak became a Christian and is the leader of the music team at his church.  Tak’s mother, sister and brother also became Christian.  His father was the last one in the family to become Christian, seven years before he died.

When Tak’s son was born there was a hole in one wall of his heart, which allowed some blood to leak out.  The doctors decided that they would not do surgery until Talent was at least 1-year old and weighed more than 22 pounds.  Tak and Beau asked many people to pray for their son.  The LHMT staff prayed for Talent every day and worried about his health.  Gradually the doctors noticed that the hole was closing and waited with the surgery.  By the time that Talent reached his third birthday the hole in his heart had closed naturally.  This was a great opportunity for Tak and Beau to share their faith with their doctors and other hospital staff and to give glory to God for this miracle.

Tak enjoys working in the studio; taking pictures; traveling; playing guitar, ukulele, keyboards and drums; eating; and trying new things.   Tak has a great sense of humor and loves working with children.  Please pray for Tak and his family as they continue to be a blessing to many people around them.



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