Celebrating a Return to the Airwaves

When the Thai military took over the government in a bloodless coup in May 2014, they closed all community radio stations. The government planned to evaluate every community radio station to be sure that their equipment and programming are up to the required standard.

Mr. Chumpol Khumphanyaem

Mr. Chumpol Khumphanyaem

Porntawee Church, located in Nongyasai District in Suphanburi Province, operates a community radio station as a mean of doing outreach in their area. On May 3, 2015 they hosted a Listener Gathering to celebrate the good news that the government had given approval for them to reopen their radio station.

The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff traveled to the church to conduct the Listener Gathering. From 6:00-8:00 p.m. they led songs, games and fun activities and provided dinner for the 100 people who attended.

Listener Gatherings are a good opportunity for listeners to meet the radio speaker and LHMT staff. It also makes it easy for the pastor and church members to meet the listeners and to begin building relationships with them. This Listener Gathering was unique, because Mr. Chumpol Khumphanyaem is the LHMT radio speaker and the pastor of Porntawee Church.

We thank God that Porntawee Church has been allowed to reopen their radio station, so that they can continue to broadcast LHMT programs to the people in their community.

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