LHMT Team Help Lead the TCLC Youth Camp

From March 17-20, 2015 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff were in Chiangmai in northern Thailand.  Each day the LHMT team led singing, worship and fun activities for the annual Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church (TCLC) Youth Camp and helped train several young people about taking leadership responsibilities during the camp.  The LHMT team has provided leadership during previous Youth Camps, but are hoping that young people from within the TCLC will be able to be the leaders in the future.

A total of 50 youth (including 5 non-Christians) attended the camp this year.  Although the number was somewhat lower than previous years, everyone agreed that the enthusiasm of those who attended was very high and the atmosphere during the camp was extremely positive.

Pastor Niran Temsakun sharing with the youth about the theme, "Get Ready to AEC."

Pastor Niran Temsakun sharing with the youth about the theme, “Get Ready to AEC.”

Under the theme “Get Ready to AEC” Pastor Niran Temsakun, Pastor Suchart Chujit and Pastor Taweep Oiwan provided teaching to help the youth learn about Accountability, Encouragement and Christ as the Center.  The goal was to help the students be prepared to serve in their local churches and communities.  The theme was inspired by the fact that the Asian Economic Community (AEC) will be starting to function through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the fall of 2015.  This will open the doors of each country for more trade and interaction between the ASEAN nations in the future.  In Thailand there has been a lot of focus on getting ready for AEC to begin.

The annual TCLC Youth Camp is a great opportunity for youth from TCLC congregations throughout Thailand to meet each other and to build relationships.  It is hoped that these relationships will continue to grow and create connections between the regions as some of these youth become adults and take leadership positions in their congregations and the TCLC in the future.

Kaew, one of the non-Christian students from northern Thailand, was very impressed with all that happened during the Camp.  She became interested in the Bible teaching and wants to learn more.  Pastor Niran and the LHMT staff are doing follow-up contacts with her.

At the end of the Camp all students received a copy of the first lesson of the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course.  At least 17 of them have already completed the lesson and sent it to the LHMT ministry center.  Their lessons are being graded and the second lesson will be sent to them soon.  After learning about the LHMT text messaging program, 17 students applied to begin receiving encouraging Gospel text messages on their mobile phones.

Note:  The pictures in the slide show are from March 17.

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