We Miss You, Teachers!

Student Letter1

The letter from Da

After completing the 3-day eyeglass clinic in Nongkhai Province, the team from The Church at Creston – Lutheran in Creston, Montana did a program in 2 local schools on Thursday and Friday, February 5 and 6.  The Creston team and Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) team sang songs and conducted many games and fun activities with the students for 2 hours each morning and 2 hours in the afternoons.The students had such a good time that they did not want the teams to leave.  Some students asked if the teams could return to their school the next week.  At the end of the program the students received gift packs from LHMT that included Gospel tracts, a pencil box, a notebook, a copy of “A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories” book and a copy of the first lesson of the LHMT Children’s Bible Correspondence Course.While the teams were still in Nongkhai and after they returned to Bangkok the LHMT director received a number of phone calls from some of the students.  The students told the director how much they enjoyed having the teams visit their school and how they missed the team members.

Student Letter2

Sutida Wongkamjan, holding the sign of her team’s color during the school’s sport day

Suthida Wongkamjan, whose nickname is Da, a 6th grader from Baan Nongwuachum School, made many phone calls, wrote a personal letter to the LHMT and Creston teams and sent in the completed first lesson of the Children’s BCC.  In her letter Da said, “I feel very impressed with the team members for coming to do good activities in our school.  We never had a program before to have children do any good activities like singing and dancing.  I think that these activities helped me and my friends to be more self-confident.  I want to thank all of the team members for coming to our school.  I promise that I will be a good student and do good things in my community, like your teams.”Another student, Pantasa Poochamchot, also wrote a letter to the Creston team.  She wrote, “Are you home yet?  Since you left I miss you.  If you have a chance, please come to visit me again.  I received a lot of good things from you.  I wish that all 9 of you will have good health.”

After spending time at the 2 schools, the students now think of the Creston team as their farang (Western) teachers.

The LHMT team is already doing follow-up contacts with some of the students.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work through the letters and BCC to draw the students to Jesus.



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