New Eyeglasses Bring Joy to More Than 800 People

Below is a video showing the responses of some people who received new eyeglasses during our recent eyeglass clinic in northern Thailand.

LHMT is very grateful to the volunteer team from The Church at Creston – Lutheran in Creston, Montana for their partnership in the eyeglass clinic. In addition to providing all of the eyeglasses, the 9-member team provided assistance and some musical entertainment during the clinic.

The eyeglass clinic was an outreach project that Lutheran Hour Ministsries Thailand (LHMT) did in cooperation with Pastor Sompong Hanpradit and members of his Gennesaret Church in Nongkhai Province.  None of the 813 people were Christians.  Virtually all of them are Buddhists.  For most of them this was the first time that they had ever personally talked with a Westerner and the first time that they had heard any presentation of the Gospel.  You will notice their Buddhist beliefs being expressed in the comments that they make in the video.


For a number of people, the first thing they read using their new glasses was a pocket edition of Luther’s Small Catechism in the Thai language, a free gift to everyone from The Lutheran Heritage Foundation.

Some of the people who received eyeglasses asked to begin receiving the encouraging Gospel text messages on their mobile phones and others have contacted LHMT for more Christian materials.  LHMT is working with Pastor Sompong to do follow-up visits with a number of people in the coming weeks.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to open the minds and soften the hearts of those who participated in the eyeglass clinic, so that they will begin to understand who Jesus is and what He has done for them.

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