Children’s Day at the Army Communication Battalion

For the second year in a row on Children’s Day the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff conducted a program for children of families in the Army Communication Battalion living in Saphan Mai, Bangkok.  First Lieutenant Prayut Niammuad, the chairman of the Children’s Day committee for the Army Communication Battalion, invited the LHMT staff to lead the program.  His wife, Mrs. Ahpirat, is a good friend of LHMT staff, Miss Anong Jungeaw.

From 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. the LHMT team sang songs, gave prizes and led fun activities with the children.  Nearly 100 children and parents participated.  The LHMT staff were able to share the Gospel, pray and build relationships with everyone who attended.  In the gift packs that were given to each of the children were Gospel tracts and the Children’s Bible Correspondence Course lesson 1 from chapter 1.

The LHMT director was able to have a long conversation with Colonel Atapong Pugahn, who is in charge of the Army Communication Battalion, and his wife.  Colonel Atapong was a student at Assumption Catholic School and his sister is a Christian, so he is very familiar with Christian beliefs.  He invited the LHMT team to lead another program on Children’s Day 2016 and asked if it would be possible for the LHMT team to provide other programs during the coming year.  The LHMT director is hoping to do more programs there and to continue building relationships with the Colonel and his wife.

A community library was just opened in the Army Communication Battalion.  In the near future the LHMT team will go there again to donate Christian children’s books for the library.

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