School Filled with Excitement

The excitement level at Anuban Saladang School in Saraburi Province was very high on December 17, 2014.  This was the day of the school’s big Christmas party.  All of the students were wearing red Christmas hats, loud Christmas songs were playing through the speakers and the entire floor of the auditorium was filled with the 550 students from grades 1-3.

From 9:00-10:30 a.m. The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) led the students in some fun activities and singing Christmas songs.  To help the students understand the true meaning of Christmas, the team showed the “Red Boots for Christmas” video.

In the afternoon from 1:00-2:30 p.m. the auditorium floor was packed again.  This time there were 475 students from grades 4-8.  They all were wearing their bright, red hats and big smiles.  They heard that the morning group had a fun time and were looking forward to the program that the LHMT team had planned for them.

One change in the program was that the team used the letters from the word “Christmas” to tell the true meaning of Christmas.

The LHMT director and staff are very thankful to the four churches that made all of the arrangements with the schools and assisted with the activities.  The four churches are Rungarun Saraburi Church, Pantasanya Church, Prakun Prajaew Church, Praporn Prajeaw Romyen Church.

At the end of each presentation the pastors invited the students to join free classes at their churches.  The churches offered music classes in singing, playing guitar, playing drums, keyboard and English classes.  These classes are one way in which the churches provide a service to the community and serve as a good follow-up activity with the students.  As the pastors and church members interact more with the students, they have opportunities to build relationships and to share the Gospel.

Miss Soraya Srimit "Yui"

Miss Soraya Srimit “Yui”

A unique feature of the presentations in Saraburi Province was a special guest who helped the LHMT team.  Miss Yui, an actor in a Thai television drama, whom the students quickly recognized, volunteered to participate in the LHMT Christmas presentation while the team was in Saraburi Province.  Miss Yui sang 2 songs for the students and talked with some of them at the end of the presentation.  Miss Yui became a Christian last year at Rungarun Church and was very eager to share her faith with the students.  The students were very excited to meet her and to hear what she had to say.

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