Christmas School Outreach Begins in Singburi

The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) Christmas outreach program for 2014 began in Singburi on December 11 and 12.  Presenting a program of fun activities, Christmas songs and a clear message about the true meaning of Christmas has become an annual emphasis for the LHMT director and staff.

The plan for 2014 is for the LHMT team to present the Christmas program at 11 schools over a 7-day period.  For the younger students the LHMT team is showing the video “Red Boots for Christmas” while the older students practice English during an activity that uses the various letters of the word “Christmas” to explain the real reason that Christmas is such an important holiday for Christians.

Although many Thai people celebrate Christmas and almost all schools conduct some type of Christmas party, the focus usually is on Santa Claus, enjoying good food and receiving presents.  The LHMT director estimates that the team will share the true meaning of Christmas with about 3,000 students and teachers this year.

At all six schools in Singburi the LHMT team was warmly welcomed and the students enthusiastically participated in the activities and songs.  In some schools the team divided into two groups to do simultaneous programs for the primary students and middle school students.


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