Meet Our Staff – Ms. Anong Jungeaw


Ms. Anong Jungeaw

This post is the first in a series that will introduce each of our Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff.  Our readers often see our staff in pictures and sometimes read about them in some of our posts, so we thought you might enjoy getting to know more about them personally.  Approximately once each month we will highlight one of our staff members.  We hope that you will enjoy meeting us.

The first staff member we want to introduce to you is Ms. Anong Jungeaw.  We usually call her by her nickname, Nok.

When Nok started working at Journey Into Light – Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) on December 1, 1993, she was not yet a Christian.  After losing her job when her previous employer went bankrupt, Nok learned about a job opening at LHMT from a former coworker.  She applied and was given the position of bookstore officer.  She also helped the LHMT audience relations department.  That former coworker is now the director of LHMT.

Before starting to work at LHMT, Nok didn’t have any goals for her life.  She often wasted time on Sundays wandering around shopping malls and window shopping.

Nok with her sister, Arporn

Nok with her sister, Arporn

Nok began attending church and Bible studies at Into Light Lutheran Church with other LHMT workers.  By interacting with her new Christian friends, learning about Jesus in the Bible studies and participating in Sunday worship, Nok began to feel hope and meaning in her life.  Five months later Nok confessed her faith in Jesus and was baptized.

From that time until today, Nok has enjoyed learning more about the Bible and growing in her faith.  Now she frequently shares God’s love with her parents, her brother and two sisters and four nieces.

Nok is very happy that her younger sister, Arporn, is now working for a Christian organization and attending Into Light Lutheran Church and Bible studies on Sundays.  Nok is praying that her younger sister will follow in her footsteps and come to faith in Jesus in the near future.


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