Eager to Become Involved in LHMT Ministry

Khun Lucksanee Sae-Chua (Center)

Khun Lucksanee Sae-Chua (Center)

When Khun Lucksanee Sae-Chua visited our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) Christian bookstore, she met some of our staff and one of our radio speakers. They introduced her to the live radio program that we broadcast every Saturday afternoon in Bangkok. Khun Lucksanee was easger to listen to the program.

On October 7 Khun Lucksanee came to our bookstore again. This time she brought a friend with her, because she wanted her friend to hear the program. As Khun Lucksanee was talking with our LHMT staff, she mentioned that she loves to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and she was impressed with the quality of the LHMT ministry activities. She wanted to be involved, so she asked to become a commissioned LHMT volunteer.

7911Usually people become commissioned volunteers after participating in an Equipping the Saints training, so we were surprised by her request. But we’re very happy to see Khun Lucksanee’s interest in learning more about our ministry and enthusiasm to become involved.


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