Listener Gathering Introduces New Radio Program

Ms. Tongtip invited people in the market to join the Listener Gathering.

Ms. Tongtip invited people in the market to join the Listener Gathering.

When the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) radio speaker left to take care of his sick mother, a former speaker was available to take his place.  A few years ago Mrs. Tongtip Hanpradit was one of the LHMT radio speakers.  She recently returned to Bangkok, so she was able to start working as one of LHMT radio speakers again.  Instead of continuing the regular radio program, Mrs. Tongtip started a new program called “Relieve Your Worry.”

Mrs. Tongtip’s program was broadcast on a radio station in Takuapa District.  When it was decided to do a Listener Gathering there, Mrs. Tongtip and the LHMT team visited the radio station and were able to meet the staff there and tell them about the “Relieve Your Worry” program.

Pastor Suchart Srikakarn from Concordia Lutheran Church in Takuapa sent invitations to many people in that area, asking them to join the Listener Gathering.  As a result of the invitations and spot advertising during the radio program, 35 old listeners and 43 new listeners attended the Listener Gathering on October 11, 2014.  At least 21 of the participants were unbelievers.

The listeners were happy to meet the radio speaker and LHMT staff and enjoyed the activities.  Pastor Suchart gave a short message about how they could relieve their worries through faith in Jesus Christ.  At the end of the day Pastor Suchart invited everyone to return on Sunday and attend church.

Mr. Bundit Tiengtrongjit

Mr. Bundit Tiengtrongjit

We were very happy to receive the news that Mr. Bundit Tiengtrongjit, one of the listeners, attended the Sunday service on Sunday October 12, 2014. Another listener, Ms. Penpith Tongtae, is planning to attend the church camp on October 20-21, 2014. LHMT team and Concordia Takuapa Lutheran Church members are planning to follow up those listeners who attended the event. We thank God for his blessings on the Listener Gathering and pray that the 21 unbelievers who attended will come to know Jesus as their savior.

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