Eager to Learn

Nopakun Phuprair is in his first year of high school at Thacharng Wittayakarn School in Singburi Province. Although he is not a Christian, he formed a good relationship with Sampan Thacharng Church and began attending Sunday School at the church. He came to know Journey Into Light – LHM Thailand through Sampan-Thacharng Church which cooperated with us in organizing a Christmas event at the school last year.

ด.ช.นพคุณ ภู่แพร ก.ย.14Nopakun enjoyed learning about Jesus and wanted to learn more. So, he began studying the Bible Correspondence Course from Journey Into Light-LHM Thailand. He has completed the first course and is gaining a good basic understanding of the Bible. Nopakun is happy that he has learned so much about God, creation and many different people in the Bible. Through the Sunday School and Bible Correspondence Course he has come to know God’s love for people.

Nopakun enjoys learning about God and the Bible, so he attends Sunday School and worship at Sampan Thacharng Church every Sunday. He appreciates the Journey Into Light-LHM Thailand Bible Correspondence Course and is looking forward to continuing to study the rest of the lessons.


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