Supporting a Supporter

???????????????????????????????Ajarn Sumalee Singtoh is a good supporter of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT).  She and her husband, Pastor Aekapong, and some church members have attended LHMT’s annual Thanksgiving Banquet the past few years and participated in the Fun with English program that LHMT provided.

Saturday, September 20, 2014 was a chance for the LHMT director and staff to support Ajarn Sumalee.  That was the day when Ajarn Sumalee was ordained as a pastor with the Church of Christ in Thailand.  One LHMT staff member performed a traditional Thai dance, the LHMT team sang a song and planned some special activities during the celebration.  The LHMT director gave a short message of congratulations and encouragement during the lunch.

Ajarn Sumalee has become a good friend of LHMT and the director and team were very happy to be able to support her on this special day.

During the lunch time the LHMT director was introduced to a number of pastors and others involved in ministry at different churches.  As a result of those conversations the director is planning a Listener Gathering, an Equipping the Saints Training and Christmas outreach activity with those churches.

The LHMT team pray for a long relationship with Ajarn Sumalee and her church and hope to do some outreach activities with them in the future.

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