ETS Training in Lampang

???????????????????????????????On September 27, 2014 nearly 60 members from 7 churches attended the Equipping the Saints (ETS) evangelism training provided by Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT). Held at Prasop Kittikoon Church in Mueang District, Lampang Province the training helped the participants learn how to share their faith with their unbelieving friends and family members.The church members who attended enjoyed having an opportunity to practice giving their testimonies in small groups. After practicing with each other in the group they have more confidence to talk with people in their communities. For many of them this was the first time that they had shared the Gospel with anyone.

They appreciated the fact that the training was very practical and thought that they could use what they learned in the churches and even in their personal lives. At the end of the day 17 people asked to become commissioned volunteers, everyone signed up to begin receiving encouraging Gospel text messages on their cell phones and 1 person asked to study the adult Bible Correspondence Course.

Many of the participants said that they wished the training could be at least 2 days and that they hoped the LHMT team would return in the near future to do another ETS training. Prasop Kittikoon Church is hoping to receive permission from the government to continue broadcasting the Christian programs on their community radio station. LHMT plans to supply some radio programs for Prasop Kittikoon Church to use.

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Supporting a Supporter

???????????????????????????????Ajarn Sumalee Singtoh is a good supporter of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT).  She and her husband, Pastor Aekapong, and some church members have attended LHMT’s annual Thanksgiving Banquet the past few years and participated in the Fun with English program that LHMT provided.

Saturday, September 20, 2014 was a chance for the LHMT director and staff to support Ajarn Sumalee.  That was the day when Ajarn Sumalee was ordained as a pastor with the Church of Christ in Thailand.  One LHMT staff member performed a traditional Thai dance, the LHMT team sang a song and planned some special activities during the celebration.  The LHMT director gave a short message of congratulations and encouragement during the lunch.

Ajarn Sumalee has become a good friend of LHMT and the director and team were very happy to be able to support her on this special day.

During the lunch time the LHMT director was introduced to a number of pastors and others involved in ministry at different churches.  As a result of those conversations the director is planning a Listener Gathering, an Equipping the Saints Training and Christmas outreach activity with those churches.

The LHMT team pray for a long relationship with Ajarn Sumalee and her church and hope to do some outreach activities with them in the future.

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LHMT Director Joins In-Service Workshop for Christian Workers

From September 8-12, 2014, the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director had an opportunity to  participate in a workshop to help Christian workers improve their English proficiency.  The LHMT director and other Christian workers often need to use English for communicating with individuals and organizations outside Thailand.  In those situations their common language usually is English.  Doing many of their ministry responsibilities in English, instead of their first language, can be a challenge.

In addition to studying English this workshop also was a good chance for the director to build closer relationships with many Lutheran church workers.  It was interesting and helpful to learn more about them and their ministries and to share ideas about spreading the Gospel of Jesus in countries that have a very small percentage of Christians.

A total of 18 workers from Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand attended the workshop, which was made possible through funding from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) and Lutheran Heritage Foundation.  Two retired LCMS teachers from Michigan and the LCMS missionary in Thailand served as teachers for the workshop.

Everyone is hoping that there will be more in-service training opportunities in the future.

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Exercise is Good Medicine

JIL TeamFor several weeks the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff have been getting together at the end of each work day and exercising in their meeting room.  With the help of an exercise video, the LHMT team is having a good time dancing and moving to the music for about 30 minutes each day.

With the changing weather during the rainy season and the many ministry trips that the LHMT team is making, it’s not easy for them to find time to exercise.  Because several of them have been getting colds and experiencing other health problems, the director decided to make exercising a priority.  Although the team is quite crowded in the meeting room, there is no place for them to exercise outside.

In addition to improving their physical health, exercising together has also become a good team building activity and a positive way to end the day.

Please pray that God will give the LHMT team good health and lots of energy to accomplish all the ministry activities that they have planned in the coming months.